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..::Art Meditation III - Cleansing the Energies::..

Permission is not granted for reproduction, distribution, or posting on other websites, forum boards or community pages. This section is being offered to help you to utilize meditative art to boost your inner awareness, contemplation skills, and contribute to your integration and balance.

Cleansing the Energies by June Kaminski, 2010

Meditation Preparation

Within this artwork lies symbols that represent the sacred energies of Egypt, including Bastet (black cat), Sekhmet (lion-headed), the falcon Horus, the supportive Mother, Nefertiti and the Ankh. These symbols are timely since we now begin the Asian Year of the Cat (Rabbit), a time of peace, regeneration, artistic creativity, innocence, and evolution. It is also a time of extreme energy in Egypt at this moment, as over a quarter of a million Egyptian people peacefully demonstrate for their right to freedom, equality, peace, and basic human needs.


Gaze at the Cleansing the Energies artwork, one aspect at a time and contemplate the following script for as long as is comfortable.

The ancient ways still offer direction to the emerging energies of the new.
The essence of knowledge, devotion, inspiration, and ancient ties surround us as we pave a new way.
The electric, wise, and assured energy of the cat infuses the world with grace and dignity.
The far-sighted hawk energy provides wide-angled perception and depth of spirit.
The loving Mother behind him gives support, assurance, nurturance and love in our time of need.
Together these energies cleanse and empower, and spur us to move forward, not looking back.

The ancient Ankh symbolizes LIFE - I claim LIFE!!
The staff and the ankh together catalyze energy that opens the vortex of the heavens to us.
This energy is ready and waiting for all to connect with their Higher Selves.
I gratefully accept the guidance and protection of my connection to Source.
This energy cleanses and refreshes all of the world, as I meditate and energize.
We welcome a new dawning light of the Awakening, the unveiling of deception and blindness.
An attunement that raises the inhabitants of Earth to new heights of awareness and caring.

Cleansing the Energies Artwork and Meditation - June Kaminski, 2010 and 2011

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