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Visualization for the New Millennium

by June Kaminski, MSN

The 21st Century is viewed as the harbinger of both positive growth and dismal demise in the minds of many. How one visualizes the future is significant to the type of events and situations one experiences in life. Learn to visualize to create the best future scenerio for your life in this brand New Millennium.

Every invention, every creation, every theory and new mode of viewing the world first began as thought in someone's mind. The cognitive incubation process common to creative invention and goal attainment is a powerful paradigm that can be applied by anyone willing to work with the way they think, perceive, and project their intentions about life and living.

Goal Setting

Before you begin to choose the goals that you wish to manifest in the New Millennium, sit for a few minutes and reflect on how you have attained your goals in the past. Consider the goals you set and achieved during your childhood on up through your adolescence and adulthood. Then, consider the goals you set but did not achieve. Was there any pattern or common factor amongst the goals that you DID realize?

Often, when goals are set and become reality, the intention of the person setting them has been strong, definite, and clear. On the other hand, goals that do not reach fruitation have often been linked to intentions that were wishful, vague, and secretly considered pipedreams by the intender.

The first step in creating the type of future you honestly wish to experience in the New Millennium is to set clear, concise, and detailed goals for your life. It is reinforcing to write these goals down in a book so that you can read them regularly to augment the visualization work you will be doing with them.

Creating the Matrix

Once your goals are selected, you can begin to establish the energetic matrix for their manifestation. Entering an alpha brain wave state, and seeing yourself reaching your goals as vividly and in depth are the key to making your goals your reality.

To do this, follow these guidelines:

1. Sit or lie down in a quiet, well ventilated and private place.

2. Settle yourself, letting all your muscles relax. Close your eyes, and breathe deeply.

3. After a few minutes, when you feel like you are drifting off into a daydream, begin to visualize the goals you have selected to focus on.

4. One by one, "see" the goals as realized. In your mind's eye, visualize the final outcome of your goal, rather than seeing yourself struggling to attain them.

5. Weave as clear and detailed a picture of your goal manifestation as possible. Be specific, detailed, and try to experience the attainment with all of your senses. See it, touch it, taste it, and so on.

6. Do this for a few minutes, then slowly come out of your alpha state. Reread your goals written down in your book, then go about your daily activities.

7. Every once in awhile, throughout your day, reflect on the goals you are intending to manifest, without doubt or worry about how they will come about. Trust that the matrix you are creating will lead to full development of all of your realized goals and dreams.

Remember, we all create our experiences and life events from our thoughts and expectations. Rather than letting your life move along an undirected and ill defined goal path, hone and direct your Will, your Intention, and your creative abilities to create the life you want, in the New Millennium!

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