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Your Life Purpose & Sacred Path

by June Kaminski, MSN

An age-old question that virtually every human has asked themselves at some point in time, is the proverbial query, "Who Am I?" Another has been, "Why am I here?" Both these questions are the inner yearnings of our Being searching to connect with our life Purpose and Sacred Path.

Before you were born, you chose to enter this third dimensional Earth plane. At the time, you had very clear reasons and a purpose for doing so. So, why don't we remember this, from the moment we are born? It's simply really, the reconnection to Spirit necessary to remember this sacred mission, is part of the Earth school protocol. We must clear away the conditioning, the socialization, and the constrictive beliefs and attitudes that have indoctrinated our minds since we began to learn to talk. You don't have to shed these powerful influences completely, just shed the ones that no longer serve you, and split the veil for brief pockets of time, to open your conscious awareness to your Higher Self. In doing this, your Purpose will come flooding back into your awareness.

"Each of us has an inner compass that helps us know where to go and what to do."
Gloria Steinem, Revolution from Within

Opening the channel between your Higher Self and your conscious mind is the key to linking to your Life Purpose. By learning to balance all of your energies, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, you learn to harmonize your entire being with the Soul Note of your Higher Being or Oversoul. Each of us has a special Soul Note, a sound that resonates throughout our entire Being and becomes refined as we align with Spirit. The more you can learn to express this unique note out into the world with your voice, the more you can create forms and situations in your life that match your Sacred Path and Life Purpose.

Our Life Purpose is always playful and joyous. When you feel disgust or disillusioned about life or other people, it is because you truly love it (or them) and long to regain the joy and fun,..the revelry that this life is meant to be. Deep, loving, caring revelry with all of your Earth mates, human and otherwise. See the world as a place where you belong and where you can have dreams and goals and watch them all come true.

"The first part of the "Inner Journey" begins through focusing silently inward. Once your Inner You is activated by your observation of it, your Inner Identity develops a proper voice. A spiritual voice, one that establishes itself very slowly via symbols and pictures. That inner climb usually takes 1,000 days. After this 1,000 day climb, your understanding becomes more rarified, you become more detached and distant from "tick tock".
- Stuart Wilde, Whispering Winds of Change

The best way to start discovering your Path is to develop a true, positive inner dialogue with yourself. Learn to flow along a new Path led by intuition and inner guidance. Learn to exert your Intention, your Will center, to help you to walk in Spirit daily.Focus your life, empower your footsteps, and tred your Path of Spirit lightly.

"All people have unlimited personal and cosmic powers. Telepathy, precognition, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and other psychic gifts are not "cosmic powers" since they are but the first of many steps towards mystical purification and interaction."
- M. Lady Young, Agartha

Opening yourself up to your natural "psychic" awarenesses is an important first step in remembering and living your Life Purpose and following your Sacred Path. We all have tremendous resources of power available to us. Few though, have mastered the expression of this Power. In order to align and tap this power, we must act, feel, and think in harmony with the Purpose of our Higher Selves.

When you can trust and just be yourself totally, in each moment, your life will reflect this. Things will naturally fall into place, miracles will happen. Learning to accept yourself as you grow is a practice in being at home within yourself, within your life, and within the Universe. You begin to feel like a vital part of everything.

"The spiritual can not dialogue with the unresponsive. It waits for us to recognize its' call, to step forward willingly to assume our Purpose."
- C. Baldwin, Life's Companion

Learn to develop a totally present, spontaneous state of Being. Life really is a school, a place to work and learn to apply Spirit to matter. See each situation, each meeting with another, each challenge as a lesson in developing your Spiritual awareness. Slowly, you will evolve from "Seeker" to "Knower". Synchronicity will become a way of life for you, as your Purpose and Path begin to unfurl before you. By learning to create your dream as a reality in your life, you develop deep Personal Power. Accept your Quest.

"Within each of us there is a being that we must come to know."
- Lynn Andrews, Jaquar Woman

Authentic needs belong to the Soul. They include:

  • The need to be loved and to love
  • The need to expres your creativity
  • The need to cultivate your Spirit
  • The need to align your personality with your Soul
  • The need to be counseled by your nonphysical teachers and guides.

It is your role to grow out of the mass belief framework and truly live your own unique Path. Find lessons in all events. Continually restructure your perspective to mirror your own Inner Truth. Fulfill your Place in the Web of Life. Follow your Sacred Path in confidence, dignity, and refined rarified energy. Hold your Head high, unfurrow your Brow, and face life with regal and compassionate high regard. We all walk our own Paths, but each is linked with all others. Enjoy!

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