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Balance & Energy, Pt. 1 The Essence

by June Kaminski, MSN

As the 21st Century unfolds, experts are learning more and more how our bodies stay balanced, vital, and energetic. Principles of quantum physics are now being used to describe the reality of our very bodies. In essence, our physical bodies are simply one thing - pure dynamic energy.

Biologists have discovered that each atom in our bodies is 99.999% free space, and less than 1% actual "matter". All 76 trillion cells are made up of atoms that oscillate at 186,000 miles per second, yet are mainly empty space. This picture of what our bodies REALLY are, is far different from what we've all been taught about ourselves. What seems dense and fixed is really free and ever - changing, vibrating and dynamic. We are made of nothing but patterns of resonant energy!!

So many people, exist in survival mode. Little time or energy is devoted to relaxation, rejuvenation, or growth. A balance of work and pleasure is needed to allow our bodies to exert themselves, yet also relax.

When we feel uplifting thoughts and emotions, such as appreciation, self-respect, compassion - there is a literal change in our very molecules. Our energy flows more smoothly, we release constrictions in our muscles, and we relax our nervous and digestive systems. A belief in life's meaning is vital for the smooth working of our bodies and our state of health.

Our bodies are wonderful self-clearing and self-regulating systems. The more we use our bodies in free expression and enjoyment, the greater the physical responsiveness to life and experience. When we are open to new experiences, we bring a child-like wonder to our minds and bodies - and live in wonder and awe. Love quickens and balances our bodies - you SEE more clearly when you love!

Maintaining Balance

Balance can be maintained by a variety of means, such as:

  • Some music and sounds can serve as a form of nourishment, such as birds singing at dawn,...
    We all have our special song to sing!
  • Spending quality time in Nature, communing with our Mother Earth
  • Eating fresh, natural foods, unrushed and with enjoyment
  • Acknowledging and appreciating our bodies - sending it Love
  • Listening to our body and responding to its' messages
  • Breathing deeply, exhaling slowly and completely.
    Breathe in Life,...Breathe out Toxins and Worries
  • Finding out how much sleep YOU need to feel vibrant and granting this time for your rest
  • Allowing yourself to engage in creative play - sing, dance, skip, paint, climb, laugh
  • Performing your daily tasks in a relaxed and deliberate way
  • Touching others - this acts as a signal to your immune system to relax and stay balanced

Energy Boosts


When you sing, hum, or use mantras, the sound created affects the vibration of your body cells. Find your own unique song and let it sound!!!

Use Pleasant Low - Pitched Tones to produce a grounded, earthy, practical sense of well-being in your body. These tones are great for helping you feel solid, and for getting things done.

Use Pleasant, High - Pitched Tones to produce a euphoric, angelic, other - world like, relaxed sense of wellbeing in your body. These tones are great for reducing stress and worries.

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