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Female Lifeforce & Power

by June Kaminski, MSN

Lifeforce is activated and refined within us, as we learn to open ourselves to experience life, and act with purpose and energy in all our endeavors. You can learn to direct and offer energy, so that it enriches all that you meet.

An important part of developing your female power involves developing and expressing your innate, natural sensuality. To strip away any rigid or destructive beliefs about sexuality and intimacy - and discover the healing, power-filled energy available for both you and your partner. People can heal one another through authentic, love-filled mergings. Every time you engage with your loved one, a myriad of mutual vibrations and streams of energy are produced and dispersed into the atmosphere around you. A loving sensual connection between two aware partners can create a vortex of power that can have far-reaching effects on the pair involved and all who are around them.

"We can move to a place of innocence with our sexuality - can feel our energy as pure, as the force of the universe moving through us. Know that the energy within you is innocent, alive, creative, and ecstatic."
- Shakti Gawain, "Living in the Light."

As you work on yourself, as you clear the blockages in your body, reprogram the beliefs and thoughts you entertain about yourself and about life, and as you allow your Spirit to guide your actions and feelings,...you will realize the power that has always been within you. From an early age, girls are often taught to keep their power hidden,...to follow social norms,...and act in certain ways. On the road to self-discovery, you begin to listen to different voices, those of your deep inner knowing,..your Intuition, and the wisdom of your Higher Self. As you begin to see yourself filled with strength, creativity, magnificence with a solid connection to your Spirit,...you will begin to recognize and express your Power. You learn to reconnect with Nature in an intimate, sensual, animal-like way. You learn to relate to the people around you with a heart that is full, open, clear, and strong. You realize that every relationship that you have with another person is sacred.

Lifeforce is activated and refined within us, as we learn to open ourselves to experience life, and act with purpose and energy in all our endeavors. You can learn to direct and offer energy, so that it enriches all that you meet. You can learn to release your personal energy only in love and trust. By remaining in your Power, you become a stable yet dynamic energy being, capable of conscious acts of Focus, Intention, and Manifestation.

"Be mindful of the words you use,
The actions you live,
Who you are,
and how you use your power."
- G. Zukav, "The Seat of the Soul."

Love is an active Force, not a passive state. Love is the first and greatest Power. True Love comes out of strength, self-reliance, and self-responsibility. Love is the dominant Foce in and of all Life. You will feel Power flow into your Being as you are able to clearly see yourself existing within the Whole of Life. There are many ways to work with your own Personal Powers. You can blend your power with the Power of the Universe through vehicles such as:

  • Rituals
  • Ceremonies
  • Meditation
  • Concentration
  • Chanting and Toning
  • Drumming
  • Dancing
  • Storytelling
  • Intimacy

Love is the foundation of a Womyn’s Power -
it involves healing yourself, your Circle, and the Earth.

The psychic, atomic energy of our sexuality can be
good medicine when it is recognized as sacred and divine.
- S. McFadden, "Profiles of Wisdom."

Tremendous resources of Power are available to each person on Earth, but few learn to tap them. Even fewer have learned mastery in expressing their Power. We are, in essence, magnificent beings, capable of extraordinary Power. The more that you rely on your inner wisdom and knowing, the more potent you become as a catalyst for personal and global transformation.

How is your Love Life? Do you feel a sense of renewal, as you engage in intimacy? Or do you feel a sense of emptiness or even drained? When we love someone, our auric fields entwine. If the love energy is compatible, we don’t feel drained, but replenished . When you are attuned to your partner, you may notice telepathic exchanges, you may experience past-life glimpses where you shared your lives in other times , or an awareness of deep, psychic bonds with your partner. if you don't, why not? If you would like to create a sacred bond with your partner, try the following.

As you love your partner, surrender into the experience, and feel your partner's energy as if it is the first time you've ever touched. Focus on sending your tender, unabashed love energy to them through every pore of your body. Feel your chakra centers pulsate like vortexes, sending out streams of energy towards your partner's centers. Go deeply into the union, experience every nuance of your partner - physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Feel the beauty well up from deep within you, merging with the beauty and love coming from your partner. Feel it nestle around the two of you like a protective, soft cocoon. Notice any images that come into your mind. Or memories from other times. Allow this experience to refresh and nurture you.

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