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Designing Your Beliefs

by June Kaminski, MSN

How we perceive our lives can profoundly affect the way our life experiences unfold. If you view your life from a mind set of fear, regret, dissatisfaction, and wistful longing, you jeopardize your ability to draw enjoyment and a feeling of contentment.

Knowledge about how our beliefs and values color our perception of our world has increased at a phenomenal rate in the past two decades. It is a given that our beliefs, values, attitudes and perceptions strongly influence what we experience in our world. Our "world-view" determines how we view the world around us. This present time - the new millennium, is the perfect time to get in touch with and take inventory of just what your beliefs and values are. It is a time for clearing one's mind of outdated fears, concerns, and habitual mental patterns that no longer serve us. A great time for connecting with our "inner youth", and reconnecting with our dreams, goals, and aspirations.

While you engage in your daily activities, notice your thought processes, and how you view your life. When you participate in your daily activities, at home, work, leisure, whatever - what kinds of self-image or childhood thoughts and memories surface? Do you revel in your daily activities, noticing a richness and beautiful continuity in your life? Or, do you regret that you're getting older, and feel like you can't enjoy or participate in life, like you used to? It's true - we all are getting "older" - experiencing the passage of time, and building a store of memories and experiences in our mental bodies.

Internal Fountain of Youth

How we perceive our lives can profoundly affect the way our life experiences unfold. If you view your life from a mind set of fear, regret, dissatisfaction, and wistful longing, you jeopardize your ability to draw enjoyment and a feeling of contentment. Past stored experiences accumulate like junk in the closet, never being processed and dispersed. We need to regularly "clear the cobwebs" of our memories and thoughts in order to maintain a youthful view and frame of mind.

Take time each day to actively cleanse your mental faculties. Think of metaphors to use to program your mind to "let go"; relive past memories that bothered you, and see these from a "big picture" perspective, doing whatever you have to, to "let them go". Send them off into the ethers to be recycled as reusable energy. Don't let past problems, regrets or memories spoil your worldview for today's experiences. We all need to shed the negativity in our minds, bodies, hearts, and spirit to continue to enjoy life, even with the passage of time.

The new millennium is a wonderful time to take stock of how your life is evolving. Philosophers tell us that our lives are of our own making. How is your creation faring at the moment? Do you awaken each day with a song in your heart? Your mind alive and eager to delve into the activities of the day? If not - it's time to make a plan. A plan to recreate your life from the foundations up.

All of life's situations and occurrences begin in your mind - in your perception of yourself, of others around you, and in how the world works. If you truly believe you are a victim - a person who experiences life "at the effect" of outward events, life will be filled with a recurrent cycle of missed opportunities, disappointments, and boring repetition. If you know deep down inside you that you are the creator of your life's events, you may still experience unfortunate situations, but somehow, you'll turn things around so that even difficulties end up being blessings.

"Each person has a different worldview, but all of us share a common thread, - a need to change, create, grow, and heal."
- M. Samuels, "Healing with the Mind's Eye.";

Positive and uplifting beliefs and attitudes flow from our deep inner center, negative ones flow from our ego's conditioning. When we see ourselves and our world as sacred, our perception of the world changes, which transforms and affects all of our behaviors and actions. Belief systems, especially negative, self- defeating ones, can tax us, draining our energy, and causing us to be ineffective. Your experience will follow your focus, your beliefs, and your expectations. Belief systems are chosen, - you really can choose and change what you believe and think. Any beliefs and attitudes that block your awareness of your true sacred nature should be dropped immediately. Our beliefs form a sort of grid, through which our perception flows to produce our "picture" of life.

It is up to each one of us to claim control of our own destinies. Ferret out what stands in your way, examine it, and get rid of it - whether it is outmoded views and beliefs, misguided values, or cultural conditioning. It is simple. Your life can be a harmonious medley of power, love, adventure, joy and kinship. You just need to believe and KNOW it. Value what is beautiful and uplifting, and consciously create an aesthetic and rewarding world around you.

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