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Herbs for Health

by June Kaminski, MSN

The New Wave of Herbalism

Herbs for Health The practice of using herbs for medicine and to prevent disease has existed since healing began. Herbology thrived until the early 20th century, when modern medicine made its mark. Now, near the year 2000, herb medicine or the use of nutraceuticals is again becoming a common practice by a large portion of the population. Anyone who has visited a drug or general store lately has probably noticed the rows upon rows of herbs and herbal mixtures available for a whole gamut of conditions.

Herbs have obviously gained an acceptance by a great many people, including pharmacists, physicians, nurses, as well as holistic practitioners. Although not free from adverse effects, herbal medicines quite often offer a wholesome alternative to more toxic pharmaceutical treatments.

As the name suggests, herbs are plants, pure and simple. Plant leaves, flowers, roots, seeds, barks - depending on the herb, any part of the plant could be medicinally useful and effective.

Add herbs So, if you know nothing about herbs, how on earth do you choose from the dozens of different names on the shelf? You can start right where you are. Some wonderful resources are available on the Web that can help you with just such a task (we'll help point you in the right direction, of course).

Sites To Visit to Learn More:

Common Herbs are introduced and described, with tips on use and precautions to take when using.

Herb Reference Guide brought to you by the American Botanical Council listing dosage, side effects, properties, and uses of several common herbs.

1st Stop Herbs is a gold mine of information and resources on herbs. Medicine, cooking, growing, beauty supplies, and lots more!

You can also join the Herb Society of America an active group, nation-wide in the sharing and research of herbal medicine and foods.

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