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..::The Intention Awards::..

Awards Judging Panel

    June Kaminski
  • June Kaminski - Principal owner and writer of Healing Intent. June has managed a variety of awards program since 1998. A seasoned web and graphic designer, June is currently completing her PhD in Technology Education at the University of British Columbia, with a focus on e-learning and dynamic web development. Since the 1970s June has studied and taught about alternative and complementary modalities and is an expert in judging the aesthetic and useability of web sites for the edification of the human race and the world at large.
    Jim Marianopoulos
  • James Marianopoulos - Jim has been involved in the arts including dance, martial arts, music and aesthetic wood-working for the past twenty years and brings an eclectic view to the judging process. He has followed a path of self development, holistic health including nutrition, fitness and spiritual practices and brings his knowledge to the table when assessing the utility of various applicant web sites.
    Ariana Greer
  • Ariana Greer - Ariana brings a youthful, usability conscious eye to the judging process. She applies her knowledge of aesthetic artistic expression and clean design to her evaluations of applicant sites. She also has a keen eye for what is useful to the the younger generation and vocalizes this utility in meaningful ways to help cinch an awards decision.

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