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Connecting With Spirit

by June Kaminski, MSN

It is a very real human need to make a connection between our manifest physical world and our unmanifested Spiritual worlds. If we really want to, we can draw an ecstatic vibrational energy from the Spirit dimensions into our everyday lives. All we need to do is to sincerely ask our Higher Self to take form in our lives. To reveal itself to our Conscious Minds. Inwardly send the call, and bid your Higher Self to show itself to you.

"Direct the request inward that the Higher Self show itself to you in some way. Whatever shape, color, object, or symbol it chooses, accept it as the aspect of the Higher Self most useful to you now. Draw it into your body - focus on where it enters. Mentally command cells to record the new energy so that the quickening caused by the Higher Self merging with you takes place."

- C. Grishom, Healing of Emotion

When you start forging the link to Spirit, you will quickly notice that the Spirit talks to you through coincidences, feelings, emotions, and inner vision images. Your Soul is dynamic and ever growing in energy. It is responsive to your needs and develops more and more as you pay attention to it. As you focus your awareness on your own Spiritual being, you create a powerful magnetic forcefield around it, which energizes the longings of your inner heart.

Our heart, solar plexus, and crown chakras are all points of power for forming telepathic connections with the Spiritual parts of ourselves. Breathe in deeply through these chakra vortexes, breathe in the energy of your cosmic connection with Spirit. Mentally reach toward the sky, with arms outstretched, your heart open wide in joy and love, to receive the inflow of energy that signals your connection with your Spirit.

"In the world beyond the galaxies exists a force of such enormous
intensity that even a vague alignment with its presence produces
changes beyond knowable limitations."

-M. Lady Young, Agartha

Prayer causes celestial and physical energy to be directed to a specific life area. With prayer and good intentions, we make our lives sacred and balanced. Although your prayers are personal, there are ways to structure your prayer in order to draw the most appropriate guidance and action. When you pray:

  • Salutation - invite Spirit into your moment of prayer
  • Thankfulness - Give thanks for what you already have received. This reconfirms your consious connection with Spirit.
  • Verification - Clarify the problem or focus of your prayer.
  • Affirmation - Affirm your belief of the right solution. See the final resolution occurring peacefully and effectively.

Make your entire life, your work, your relations, all of it - a prayer. Become an affirmation of love and life.

"It is up to you to make an effort to ask your soul for help and be
in the heart, so you can receive an answer - from an inner voice, a
book, a life situation, a friend, and so on."

- S. Padeison, Just Love the People.

In meditation, we journey toward our very essence. The work of meditation is to bring the energy of the Higher Self into expression in our daily living. By meditating, we connect with the nobility, grace, love, and wisdom of our spiritual nature, which can be focused on our personality to heal and uplift it. Meditation is also a fine time to define your values and goals. At this time, when in the alpha state, it is much easier to energize them.

"Breathe in inspiration, power, and compassion from the Higher Self, then complete the cycle by expressing wisdom, strength, and good will in our acts and good works.

It is through the Higher Self that we can easily establish telepathic
rapport with others, as well as the inner plane ashrams, invisible
teachers, divine archtypes, and so on."

- R. Leichtman, Active Meditation.

The more willing you are to open to the energy within you, the more power can flow through you. Every moment, notice this power within you, and allow it to direct you. In doing so, you will channel energy that transforms others. As you learn to do this, you will begin to see the Light in each situation and relationship. We must all allow our Spirit to transform our bodies, minds, personalities, - our whole being, into a powerful channel through which it can fully express itself.

"We are magnificent beings capable of extraordinary power."

- Lynn Andrews, Woman at the Edge of Two Worlds

The more that you can tune into your center, and connect with Spirit, the more potent you become as a catalyst for personal and global transformation. To find the river of your Spirit is to find your way home, to find your freedom. You become the one who is never outside her power no matter what. Deep down, from the center of your being, Spirit and your voice of wisdom will guide you - always!

Radiate your Intention into the Cosmos. Return to the Source, the Void. Then realign your material manifestation from this pure Source. When creating directly from the Void, you manifest with great Power, Integrity, and Dignity. "Magic" is the power to influence and ultimately control one's own space-time reality. Feel the endless vessel, voice, and echo of the Ages whisper mystery, sacredness, and comfort in your inner ear. Relax and Connect in confidence with the Spirit of your noble Being.

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